Class JSObjectWrapper

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AnimatedClusterStrategyOptions, Attributes, Base, BBoxStrategyOptions, CRUDOptions, EventObject, FixedStrategyOptions, FormatOptions, HandlerLayerOptions, HandlerOptions, JArrayBase, LayerOptions, MapOptions, OpenLayersObjectWrapper, OpenLayersStyle, Params, Projection, ProtocolOptions, RefreshStrategyOptions, RegExp, Response, Rule, SnappingOptions, Style, StyleOptions, StyleRules, Symbolizer, Symbolizer, SymbolizerMap, SymbolizerOptions, WMSGetFeatureInfoOptions, ZIndexBase

public class JSObjectWrapper
extends java.lang.Object
Base class for Objects that wrap an opaque javascript object (represented by a JSObject), to provide (part of) the javascript object's functionality in GWT.
Edwin Commandeur - Atlis EJS
  • Constructor Summary

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    protected JSObjectWrapper​(JSObject jsObject)  
  • Method Summary

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    JSObject getJSObject()  
    void setJSObject​(JSObject jsObject)  

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