Developer Reference

This reference is for people that would like to develop on GWT-OpenLayers itself. People that would just like to use GWT-OpenLayers in their projects should check out the user reference.

Clone and go

GWT-OpenLayers uses Github for version control.

The easiest way to start developing on GWT-OpenLayers is by cloning the public github repository:

Building GWT-OpenLayers from source

Maven is used to build GWT-OpenLayers. Maven has good GWT support with the Maven GWT plugin. To build GWT-OpenLayers using Maven, open the commandline at gwt-openlayers-client and run:

>mvn package

This produces a GWT module jar that you can use in GWT applications. The server side part (currently consisting of an Ajax Proxy for by-passing the same origin policy) is packaged in the same way.

Setting up a development environment

Here we will explain different ways to develop on different OS's

How to ...

Some cookbook examples on how to extend GWT-OpenLayers

More information

Currently, more information about developing GWT-OpenLayers is still found in our Trac wiki.